Swan Mills Family

I'm a proud mugiwara pirates in Swan Queen ship.

SALUTE TO JAE SUK!!! He rip off 2 name tags less than 15 seconds. YAY~! Unbelievable! Who need Jong Kook. Hahaha.. Running Man rules!

Just smack Jong Kook on his face Ji Hyo or I will do it! Wake up Jong Kook. Stop being so soft towards Shin Yee! The guest star are determine to win. Don’t soft.

I bottle up my feeling and throw it away into the ocean but wave bring it back to me.

Even Jong Kook didn’t knew number 3-7 but he guessed correctly! It’s Song Ji Hyo! Hahaha… He knew by heart. ~

I ship May and Skye. Remember she punched Ian because she mad. She dig out her history. She shared her feeling with Skye.